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Our Team

We value that every organization is unique and believe in forming a custom team for each engagement. Straying from a traditional one-size-fits-all approach, we draw from highly experienced associates, partners and community leaders, each with specialized backgrounds and skill sets. This allows for projects to be lean, focused, collaborative and effective.

Gail Pickard


Gail Pickard is an award-winning and accomplished communications leader with more than 30 years’ experience. Most recently the Associate Director of Civic Engagement and Communications for the City of Vancouver, Gail’s career has spanned several industries in both the private and public sectors (including ICBC, Coast Capital Savings, and BC Lottery). She is known for strategic advice and creative communications solutions that help organizations achieve their goals. Along with her background in journalism and media relations, Gail’s

experience includes issues management, stakeholder relations, marketing and branding, and the use of research to help target and measure communication efforts. She also has extensive experience with internal communications, particularly in helping employees understand the vision and strategy of an organization to ensure organization-wide alignment. Gail prides herself on her ability to simplify complex concepts and use compelling key messages to influence attitude and behaviour.

Phillippa Adams


phillippa adams

Phillippa is a Diversity and Engagement Champion with 26 years of experience in law enforcement where she embraced the unique opportunity to engage with Vancouver’s diverse communities. She focused on crime prevention, public safety, education, and awareness from an EDI (Equity Diversity Inclusion) perspective. She developed and implemented trust and relationship strategies with the communities she served. Phillippa’s ability to influence community culture and behaviour creates inclusive, safe, and welcoming environments.

She is a confident advisor to government, public and private sector employees where she strives to build allyship, cooperation and transformative leadership. Phillippa believes in Volunteerism. She is a dedicated leader with Girl Guides of Canada where she promotes EDI within the organization. She shares her EDI perspective in her role as a youth mentor, team leader and facilitator.

Jovyl Kumar


Jovyl has spent her career advocating for the betterment of her community. With a wealth of experience working in various levels of public service including the Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction, Jovyl has developed a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of her fellow citizens. Throughout her career, Jovyl has demonstrated a commitment to improving social services and fostering growth within her community.

She is involved with Roots of Empathy, an internationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to promoting empathy and emotional literacy among children. As an early childhood educator and community advocate, Jovyl believes that continuous learning is essential for individual and community development.

Giovanni D’Agostino



Giovanni D’Agostino is a Sociology graduate from the University of British Columbia who has developed a notable body of research focusing on topics like racial and sexual bias in professional sports, regional discrimination within a European context, and a contextual analysis on homophobia in religion. This diversified yet intricate work earned him the prestigious Keith Clifford Memorial Prize from his alma mater. 

A lifelong sports enthusiast and former competitive soccer player, Giovanni transferred his on-field passion into academics. His keen interest in understanding the social and societal issues faced by athletes was a major driving force behind his thought-provoking research. Now, partnered with The Clear Umbrella, he is eager to leverage his knowledge and skills to help champion social equality and embrace the vibrant diversity within communities.

Sharmila Miller


Sharmila Miller is a BIPOC artist, storyteller, education facilitator, and cultural entrepreneur. She is a detail oriented, big picture thinker who thrives in the pursuit of growth via goal setting. She has more than five years of experience in program organization, development, and implementation; and champion EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) and anti-racism within the performing arts and education industries.

Sharmila is involved in several projects and committees that focus on the current and future development of our collective anti-racism lens.